Youth Board Application

Youth Board Application

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If you are between 12 and 24, a resident of Pine Ridge and want to become involved in leadership and community service experiences, then please apply to become a member of our Youth Advisory Board!

Join the #dreamteam and experience leadership roles and mentoring skills.

What is your passion? We can help turn your ideas into action!

Do you want to run Youth Summits, panel discussions, holiday parties, community gardens, skate boarding events, spelling bees — the possible ways that YOU can give back to your community are endless. You don’t have to lead a program, you can provide helping hands at our group activities, enter our Writing Challenge, attend Youth Summits and other events.

See what some of our Youth Advisory Board members are doing, and join the team!

This opportunity is for youth ages 12 through 24, and you do NOT have to be enrolled in school.

We want turn YOUR ideas into ACTION and we want to keep YOU engaged in positive and constructive discussions with peers and mentors!

Give back to your community by giving your time!

Believe in you abilities and express yourself! Get Involved TODAY!

We know that some people do not have email addresses. If you want to be involved but can’t fill out this form, then send us a message through our Facebook Page — we need to be able to contact you to get your input on projects and programs!

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