Antarctica Post #4: Deception Island

March 17, 2016 ~by Maggie Dunne and Payton Sierra Today is the day! Our first day on land! We woke up early to witness the ship’s entrance to Deception Island – one of the South Shetland Islands. We were thrilled and could hardly wait to get our feet on solid ground. We departed from our […]

ANTARCTICA Post #3: We’ve Arrived!

by Maggie Dunne and Payton Sierra March 16, 2016 WE ARE OFFICIALLY IN ANTARCTICA TERRITORY! FINALLY! WE MADE IT! We are now passing the South Shetland Islands, and tomorrow will be our first arrival on shore! We are ready! We learned that despite the extreme conditions, Antarctica has abundant wildlife. The sea is full of […]

Antarctica Post #2: Not Sea Sick Yet!

by Maggie Dunne and Payton Sierra March 15, 2016 We’re on a boat and on our way to the bottom of the world! After departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, we entered the Beagle Channel, a passage where the waters of the South Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans meet.  The Beagle Channel waters are protected by the […]