Guess Who’s Going to Antarctica?

Watch OUT Antarctica! Here we come! Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s Founder Maggie Dunne was invited to participate in an international expedition to the edge of the Earth to learn about #climatechange and to team build with young activists from around the world! Sir Robert Swan, an international explorer and Founder of the 2041 Foundation, invited our […]

2016 Art &Writing Challenge: The FAQ

Important Tips to Consider Make sure you are familiar with all the rules of the 2016 Writing and Art Challenge. Make sure that your entry addresses the assigned prompt. Don’t wait until the last minute — don’t be disqualified because of computer failure, snow storms or other reasons that might prevent you from winning! At […]

LCE at the Wacipi

#DoWhatYouLove Responding to suggestions from our Youth Advisory Board Team LCE: 1) made a float for the Oglala Lakota 1960’s Celebration Parade; 2) sponsored ALL of the TINY TOT dances at the Annual Oglala Lakota Wacipi; 3) ran a booth and sold t-shirts designed by a young Lakota artist and CD’s by a talented young Lakota musician; […]