Video Message from TFA Teacher Kiva Sam

Kiva Sam grew up on Pine Ridge Reservation, graduated from a High School off the Reservation, and later graduated from Dartmouth College. Kiva is a teacher at the Little Wound School in Kyle, working for Teach For America. At LCE”S Game Changers Youth Summit, Kiva challenged the students to demand more from the adults and […]

LCE’s Youth Summit: The First Two Videos

In August 2013,  we hosted our first Game Changers Youth Summit, featuring inspirational members of the Pine Ridge community. Our Youth Advisory Board helped us run the event, where local role models and celebrities urged youth from Pine Ridge to follow their dreams, stay positive, move forward and give back after they go forward. We […]

Jasmine Mans At LCE Writing Challenge Awards Ceremonies: "It All Started With One Poem"

We challenged students on the Reservation to write a poem about or a letter to an inspirational woman on Pine Ridge, past or present.  The entries included tributes to mothers, grandmothers, teachers, friends, activists, women who overcame a lot to achieve a lot, and women who persevered to obtain an education and build a career. […]