The Path of Least Resistance

Below are excerpts from a Commentary published by LCE Founder and President Maggie Dunne, in Colgate University’s Maroon New, September 1, 2011, which she states in part: “The history of the Lakota Sioux and the quality of reservation life is not taught in most school curriculums in all likelihood because the topic is a great […]

Poverty in Our Backyard

Attached is the text of a commentary by Lakota Children’s Enrichment Founder, Maggie Dunne, urging former President Clinton not to overlook American Indian communities when speaking about domestic poverty.  The Hyperlink to the original published article has expired. Attached below is a pdf version of the original article and the text is set forth below. […]

Oglala Lakota “Siouxicide” Crisis; What Can One Person Do?

By Maggie Dunne I am sad to report that in 2009 suicide officially became an epidemic on the Oglala Lakota Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. In December of 2009, Oglala Lakota Sioux President Theresa Two Bulls declared an “Oglala Sioux Tribal Suicide State of Emergency.” This action was taken at the close of […]