President Barack Obama’s Executive Overhaul

by Maggie Dunne, LCE President and Founder “As we work together to forge a brighter future for all Americans, we cannot ignore a history of mistreatment and destructive policies that have hurt tribal communities. The United States seeks to continue restoring and healing relations with Native Americans and to strengthen its partnership with tribal governments, […]

The Bison in the Living Room: Why Isn’t The UN’s Report Front Page News?

by Maggie Dunne and Cindy Dunne For those of us in the fields of advocacy, women’s rights and human rights, the September 11, 2012 report and the September 18, 2012 presentation by Human Rights expert James Anaya to the United Nations on the state of indigenous affairs are big news. Why?  Because, in substance, Anaya […]

Reservations About Education: The Importance of Early Childhood Education

by Kelsey John I thought I did not like children. Living and studying education at a private University, the majority of my encounters are with adults and students my own age, which led me to believe that intellectual conversations could only happen between peers and adults within the confines of a scholarly classroom. I came […]