VOICES OF THE LAND: High School and Middle School Grand Prize Winners

Red Cloud High School Senior Colton Sierra was the Grand Prize winner  and Tayshon Long Soldier of the Little Wound School was the Middle School Grand Prize winner in Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s VOICES OF THE LAND Writing Challenge, 2014.  As the Grand Prize winners, Colton and Tayshon earned award for themselves AND $1000 grants for their respective schools, for educational […]

Jasmine Mans At LCE Writing Challenge Awards Ceremonies: "It All Started With One Poem"

We challenged students on the Reservation to write a poem about or a letter to an inspirational woman on Pine Ridge, past or present.  The entries included tributes to mothers, grandmothers, teachers, friends, activists, women who overcame a lot to achieve a lot, and women who persevered to obtain an education and build a career. […]

Meet The Student Writing Challenge WINNERS!

We challenged Middle School and High School students to write a poem about or a letter to an inspirational woman on the Pine Ridge Reservation, past or present. The entries were scored gender-blind and anonymously by our amazing JUDGES. There will be a separate blog post about the awards ceremonies, which took place on/around International […]