Officers, Directors and Advisory Board

Officers, Directors and Advisory Board


Our Leadership Team

Autumn White Eyes, Executive Director

Maggie Dunne, Chair of Board

Cindy Dunne, Esq., Lead Volunteer and Program Support

Timothy Chilson Dunne, Treasurer

Hyacinth Roberson, Heavy Lifting Supervisor

Sean Dunne, Asst. Heavy Lifter and Inventory

Nora Steinman, Program Support

Board of Directors

Cindy Dunne, Esq.

Maggie Dunne, Chair of Board

Timothy Chilson Dunne

Paul Goldenberg

Ujju Mahatme, Esq.

Susanne Pari

Brenda Schad, Choctaw/Cherokee

Nora Steinman

Jonathan Ungar

Anna Elise Walton

Janet Whiting, Oglala Lakota

Youth Advisory Board

Click HERE to meet our AMAZING Youth Advisory Board made up of youth from the Pine Ridge Reservation!



Peter Balakian, Poet, Author and Professor

Scotti Clifford, Scatter Their Own

Julianna Clifford, Scatter Their Own

Robert C. Everett, Cornell University Football Association

David Fialkow, General Catalyst Partners

Eric Greenberg, Entrepreneur

Rev. Frances Wise Grenley

Richard Levine, CPA

Alice Liou, Educator

Jasmine Mans, Poet and Spoken Word Performer

Doug Metz, President Scarsdale Insurance Agency, Inc.

Randy Siegel

Brandon Steiner

Kelly Young Stroetzel, Content Director TED


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