Celebrating Summer Internship Success!

The summer of 2017 brought Lakota Children’s Enrichment a new Executive Director, tons of sunshine and a new intern: Aimee Cheng! Throughout the month of August, Aimee worked diligently to get the word out about Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s work and events, and managed social media networks to raise awareness about the success of Native youth! Aimee is a rising freshman who is entering the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ this coming fall.

Before she heads back to school we want to take the time to thank her for volunteering her time with us this summer!  

Please read Aimee’s reflections of her internship with us and join us in celebrating her successful internship!

Aimee’s Reflections

My name is Aimee Cheng and I am excited to be part of the volunTEAM at LCE! I have volunteered previously with other charitable organizations, but until discovering Lakota Children’s Enrichment, I did not have the opportunity to work so closely with the behind-the-scenes aspects of a nonprofit organization.

Before working with LCE, my knowledge of Native American history and culture was very limited to what I learned through history classes in my high school — which usually did not amount to even a day’s worth of lessons. Within the short time I have been at LCE, I have learned so much more about Native culture, history, and current events; however, the ways in which the Native community thrives seems to be almost invisible to most of our country.

There is so much social injustice not only in our country but all over this world right now and making sure that people’s voices are heard is very important. Learning about the experiences and perspectives of others can help motivate more people to help fight against injustices. 

As an intern for LCE, I was part of the social media team: I searched for articles that help spread awareness about the presence, culture and perseverance of Native Americans within this country. Looking through all these articles, I was truly inspired by what Lakota and other Native Youth are doing to make their voices heard and how they combat obstacles in the path to success.

Entering my collegiate years, I hope to continue to utilize what LCE has taught me to speak up in the face of injustice as well as to not be afraid to share my own thoughts on what is right.

I have high hopes for LCE to continue in its support of Native Youth all over the nation and I will continue to support LCE in its endeavors!

Fun Fact: Aimee was accepted to Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy’s Pharm.D. program directly from high school. At the end of the 6-year academic program, Aimee will receive her Doctor of Pharmacy degree!

Way to go Aimee! Good luck in college this fall!

Want to intern with LCE this fall? Learn more at and apply TODAY!

If you would like to join LCE’s efforts to amplify the voices of Native Youth, then please consider making a tax deductible donation at this link.


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