Guess Who’s Going to Antarctica?

Watch OUT Antarctica! Here we come!

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Photo: John R Peckham, All Rights Reserved (c) 2015

Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s Founder Maggie Dunne was invited to participate in an international expedition to the edge of the Earth to learn about #climatechange and to team build with young activists from around the world!


Photo: John R Peckham, All Rights Reserved (c) 2015

Sir Robert Swan, an international explorer and Founder of the 2041 Foundation, invited our founder, Maggie, and a young Lakota woman to accompany her and to represent the Oglala Lakota Nation. Maggie will be joined by High School student, Payton Sierra, a two-time winner of LCE’s Writing Challenge.

“Payton is a natural leader. Her poems from the last two years have been read on Public Radio and continue to inspire people around the world. The depth of her young voice and her pride about her Lakota heritage is inspirational.” said Maggie Dunne. “I am confident that she will be a strong and brave Ambassador for the Oglala Lakota Nation and for young women around the world, and I am proud to accompany her on this trip.”

In March, 2016 Maggie and Payton will join the 2041 Foundation on a life changing and world saving journey. In 2041, the international treaty that govern Antarctica expires — and the continent’s future will be uncertain. Maggie and Payton both care about this issue.

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Photo: John R Peckham, All Rights Reserved (c) 2015

Maggie and Payton might have a chance to do some sun bathing… or perhaps they’ll just make a stop for a Polar Ice Dip! Either way, they’ll push themselves beyond where they thought they’d ever go, they’ll camp and hike on the ice and they’ll team build with people from around the world who are united by a desire to protect Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth!

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Photo: John R Peckham, All Rights Reserved (c) 2015

The mission of the 2041 Foundation is the development of personal leadership skills among people who choose to embrace the challenge of sustaining all forms of life – in their families, communities, organizations and the planet.

Maggie and Payton will embrace the challenge of deep sea travel, ice hiking and camping (not Glamp-ing) and they will bond with penguins, women, men, climate change activists, sea lions, and community leaders from around the world. Traveling to this ice-cold region does not put off the likes of these explorers who embrace the freezing temperatures and who are likely also keen to experience things like an iceland camper rental vacation which will see them take on adventures in a similar near-polar environment.

They’ll inspire and be inspired! They will spread the word about collaborative efforts to elevate the voices of Native Youth, they’ll share poetry and stories written by Lakota Youth, and they’ll hear about collaborative efforts in other cultures around the world.

Wish them luck and stay tuned for updates!

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