LCE at the Wacipi


Responding to suggestions from our Youth Advisory Board Team LCE: 1) made a float for the Oglala Lakota 1960’s Celebration Parade; 2) sponsored ALL of the TINY TOT dances at the Annual Oglala Lakota Wacipi; 3) ran a booth and sold t-shirts designed by a young Lakota artist and CD’s by a talented young Lakota musician; AND; 4) challenged Lakota Youth to propose a dream —  a business or service project for the Reservation.

#DoWhatYouLove emerged as the week’s hashtag!

LCE’s Time Capsule Float At The Parade
Oglala Lakota Parade Collage

From astronauts, to Medicaid, Elvis and hippies — LCE’s Time Capsule depicted events from the 1960s

LCE Rep’d Native Youth at the Oglala Lakota 1960’s Celebration Parade this year with a float that had a Time Capsule Theme. The LCE Time Capsule contained items related to the following happenings from the decade, including: MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech; The Extension of Medicaid/Medicare to Native American communities; The Apollo 11 Mission and Walk on the Moon; Elvis; The Beatles; Emerging Peace and Civil Rights Activists; and The Brady Bunch/The LCE Bunch.

In a radical departure from tradition LCE Youth Board members handed out 700 BOOKS from the float, rather than candy! #LiteracyRocks

Super-thanks go out to LCE Youth Board members and helpers Steffon Red Feather, Tony Martinez, Jen Sierra and Janet Whiting for helping us gather a truck, flatbed, and for finding a cool place for kids to design and create.

Props to all of the enthusiastic and artistic Youth Board members who designed and rocked the float! #DoWhatYouLove

Check out our PHOTO ALBUM on Facebook for more photos!

LCE Float  Collage

Youth Board members handed out books instead of candy!

#TinyTots Dancing

TinyTots WEB

For the third year in a row, the LCE Youth Advisory Board was the proud sponsor of ALL of the Tiny Tot Dances throughout the big weekend!

Following each Grand Entry, the PowWow circle filled up with tiny tots dressed in regalia, many of whom were accompanied by older siblings and parents.  All tots who wore regalia and danced during designated sessions received a cash award from Lakota Children’s Enrichment!

LCE’s Youth Board members helped distribute prizes at the Saturday afternoon session.



Asa Front DreamcatcherAsa Back DreamcatcherWe ran a booth this year at the Pow Wow and our Youth Advisory Board members took turns at the station. Among other things we sold t-shirts with the design and message of Young Artist winner Asa Steele and we sold Youth Board member Colton Sierra’s new CD….. both items rock!

Send us an email at if you’d like to purchase a CD from a our very own COLT45 (Colton), a rising musician from Pine Ridge or if you’d like to support youth through the purchase of a t-shirt!

  • CDs are $10, plus shipping
  • #Dreamteam t-shirts (in many colors and sizes) with Asa Steele’s dreamcatcher design and his message “Why let your dreams be caught and not achieved?” are $25, plus shipping

Proceeds from the sale of the CDs will go to Colton Sierra, and a portion of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go to Asa Steele!

I Have a Dream Challenge


In keeping with the 1960s theme of the 1960’s parade, Lakota Children’s Enrichment launched an I Have a Dream Contest, challenging youths to design a business or service project to help the Pine Ridge community. The winner will earn a $1000 grant.

Stay tuned…. a winner will be announced SOON!


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