Cast Your Vote for LCE to win $15K Grant

Dear Friends, Family, Fans of Lakota Children Enrichment, People I Know and People I Don’t Know So Well:

LCE President

A few months ago I learned I had been nominated by Harlequin author Sarah M. Anderson for a Harlequin More Than Words Award which recognizes women who are changing lives “one good deed at a time.”

Following an internal review and judging process, I was named one of the Top 5 Finalists for the award.


The three charities that receive the most VOTES will receive a $15,000 Award.


The TOP FIVE reasons that you should vote for ME:

  • It costs YOU nothing and you can (and should) do it EVERY DAY;
  • It takes exactly 2 seconds of your time with no annoying “registration” required — just click HERE!
  • Your FREE VOTE can earn Lakota Children’s Enrichment a $15,000 grant;
  • You’ll be helping us spread the word about our important work and;
  • Maybe YOU will inspire others to donate time, energy or money to LCE .

Thank you to author Sarah M. Anderson for nominating me for the award and to Harlequin for recognizing the importance of our work!

Now… go forth and VOTE… please!


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