Lakota Children’s Enrichment Grant Supports Young Artist

Lakota Children’s Enrichment is proud to announce its first entrepreneurial mini-grant to support the art and music of Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford, 24, a young artist on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Juliana Pauly WEB

Kisses from Juliana and Dog Pauly, named after Paul McCartney, of course.

Most people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD know Juliana, the trendy fashionista bass player for Scatter Their Own, the Reservation’s home grown “alter-Native” rock stars, who are regulars at LCE’s Youth Summits, schools, and community events across the Pine Ridge Reservation. Juliana is a rising star who has been featured by MTV, Rebel Music, Marie Claire UK and others. Along with her band, Scatter Their Own, Juliana recently took the stage at SXSW.

What some people don’t know about Juliana is that she’s not only an accomplished musician, but also an accomplished photographer, videographer and artist.

A few months ago, Juliana designed t-shirts to promote the business of Scatter Their Own, and asked LCE to consider supporting her artwork through a grant that would permit her to offer for sale high quality t-shirts. By providing the seed money to launch the shirt sales, Juliana in turn, would raise funds to order more shirts, and so on, and so on… And the result is…


Philosophical Question of the Day: Young Man Imitating Pauly … or is it the other way around?

Please purchase these creative shirts regularly and often —  You’ll be supporting the great work of a young Native Artist, and you’ll be making Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s first entrepreneurial grant a success!

The shirts are available in three designs: the Dog design (above), the Hipster Deer (below) and the Hipster Buffalo with a Hairbow (below).



Buffalo with a Hairbow


All proceeds from shirt sales will help Scatter Their Own finance their business… and may lead to the creation of even more cool home grown designs!

You can Order your shirts HERE!


LCE considers grant applications from youth and community organizations on a case-by-case basis. All grants must engage and benefit Oglala Lakota youth in activities that help them accomplish a goal, help their community and/or other Native Youth. Grants are awarded on a discretionary basis. 

Inquiries should be forwarded to

#InvestInNativeYouth #ScatterTheirOwn
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