Coming Soon: Game Changers Youth Summit, Saturday April 12

youthsummitOn Saturday April 12, 2014 Lakota Children’s Enrichment will present a Game Changers Youth Summit for youth ages 11-24, at the SuAnne Big Crow Boys & Girls Club, in Pine Ridge.   The Summit will run from 11 am through 2 pm and a healthy lunch will be served. LCE Youth Board members will present a panel discussion on #nutrition and will assemble healthy snack bags for participants.  Special speakers, including  Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jody Williams and spoken word Superstar Jasmine Mans (and others), will address the protection of  earth and the importance of using your voice to promote change.


Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jody Williams

Nobel Laureate Jody Williams is the third American woman ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, which she won for her work for banning land mines. She currently serves as the Chair of the Nobel Women’s Initiative, a group that uses the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize and courageous women Peace Laureates to increase the power and visibility of women’s groups working globally for peace, justice and equality.  Ms. Williams is a vocal advocate for the protection of the land and human rights initiatives.


Spoken Word Performer Jasmine Mans

Spoken word star Jasmine Mans has agreed to perform some of her original pieces, which deal with black life in America. Jasmine was thrust into the national arena by her YouTube performance of “Dear First Lady,” and now performs across the country.  She recently published her first collection of poems, entitled Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels.

Also attending the Summit:  Iranian American author Susanne Pari, author of the Fortune Catcher, who writes about religious fundamentalism, women’s rights, and identity in  America.   LCE Youth Board Chair Keith Martinez, recently named a Champion for Change by the Center for Native American Youth for his work with Lakota Children’s Enrichment, will help run the Summit, along with LCE’s Youth Advisory Board members including Summer Montileaux, who recently received an Honorable Mention from the Center for Native American Youth in its Champion for Change program. Summer will have a leadership role at this Summit, and will produce a unit on nutrition through a grant she applied for and received from Disney Friends for Change.  Summer and team will see that all Summit participants leave with a healthy snack package.


Youth Advisory Board members will distribute t-shirts and sneakers to participants, on a first come basis.

All youth attending the Game Changers Youth Summit who are under age 18 MUST obtain the written consent of parent or guardian.

You can DOWNLOAD the CONSENT FORM, and bring it with you!

You can DOWNLOAD the Summit FLYER and share it with your friends (further details are on the back).

If you want to make sure you have a spot at the Summit, email us at


The Summit is one of our Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) activities sponsored, in part by YSA, State Farm Insurance, Disney Friends for Change and the Scarsdale Rotary Club

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