Video Message from TFA Teacher Kiva Sam

Kiva Sam grew up on Pine Ridge Reservation, graduated from a High School off the Reservation, and later graduated from Dartmouth College. Kiva is a teacher at the Little Wound School in Kyle, working for Teach For America.

At LCE”S Game Changers Youth Summit, Kiva challenged the students to demand more from the adults and the teachers around them, to ignore negative peer influences and to seek out positive mentors.  Kiva said she wants youth on Pine Ridge to understand the importance of following through on tasks and she urged them to stay positive and to believe in themselves.

Kiva Sam set her sights high and never gave up, and she wants to see more students on the Reservation doing the same. Kiva returned to Pine Ridge Reservation to give back to the talented youth in the community and to encourage them to cross the educational finish line.

She’s #inspirational.

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