LCE’s Youth Summit: The First Two Videos

In August 2013,  we hosted our first Game Changers Youth Summit, featuring inspirational members of the Pine Ridge community. Our Youth Advisory Board helped us run the event, where local role models and celebrities urged youth from Pine Ridge to follow their dreams, stay positive, move forward and give back after they go forward.

We interviewed some of the speakers after their presentations and we will continue to roll out videos over the next weeks and months.  Don’t miss the first two video posts: Keith Martinez and Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes from Scatter Their Own.

Video Message of Keith Martinez

First up is Keith Martinez, a Gates Millennium Scholar at Villanova University who attended the Little Wound School in Kyle, and then entered the competitive college preparation STEP Program in New York for his last two years of High School.  Keith is a remarkable role model and a driven advocate for youth on Pine Ridge.  Keith wants you to know that there are lots of talented youth who need help right here, in the USA. If you are able, please help Keith reach his personal fundraising goal – he wants to raise $1,000 for youth projects on Pine Ridge. The donations raised through Keith’s free fundraising page will go to Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s programs for youth.  Go Keith!

Video Message from Scatter Their Own

Scatter Their Own signing autographs.

After performing, Scotti, Juliana and Scotti Jr, sign Game Changer T-Shirts for youth at the summit

Next up are Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes, incredibly talented musicians from the Reservation. Together, they are Scatter Their Own, an amazing independent rock band that is touring the West Coast right now!  Never heard of them? CHECK THEM OUT!!  They recently produced their first music video, Taste The Time. We love their message, their music, their philosophy and their family of talented musicians — and we hope that you do, too. If you are in the entertainment industry, looking for a band to hire for a college party or any other event, then keep them in mind —  hire local talent!  ROCK ON Scotti and Juliana, and thanks for closing our Game Changers Youth Summit with upbeat message of encouragement and wonderful music.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more videos from the Youth Summit.

Also, stay tuned for exciting information about our Writing and Art Challenge for the Youth of Pine Ridge, and announcements about our new panel of Writing Challenge judges!

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