Lakota Children’s Enrichment Welcomes the Founding Members of Its Youth Advisory Board!

Hello All,
It has been a very busy few weeks here on the Pine Ridge Reservation for Lakota Children’s Enrichment.  We had an informational booth at the 28th Annual Oglala Lakota Nation Wacipi (powwow), our first youth advisory board meeting, and our first Game Changers Youth Summit. Needless to say, these events were filled with lots of energy, enthusiasm, and great ideas from young people who want to make positive changes in their lives and their communities. More details to come!
Lakota Children’s Enrichment is proud to announce the amazing, founding members of the youth advisory board (pictured below). Our programs at LCE have changed over the past few years, and as we look to the future we know that it is essential to have constant feed-back and ideas from young people. Youth Advisory Board members are leaders in their community as well as ambassadors for Lakota Children’s Enrichment. 
If you have an idea or feed-back and you know any of these young people, then don’t hesitate to reach out to them! As we grow this team over the next few months we hope this will be an effective way to incorporate more voices into the development of our programs and projects.


From Left: Mikala Marrufo, Colton Sierra, Laydeanne Young BullBear, Bobby Pourier, Deondra Randall, Keith Martinez (board chair), Jetta Tobacco, Emily Janis, Maggie Dunne (LCE founder), Justice Lone Hill (volunteer), Wasu Janis
(not pictured: Summer Montileaux)

Our first meeting was a great opportunity to get everyone in the same room, get to know each other, build a team dynamic, and talk about the responsibilities of advisory board membership. Members also participated in a basic leadership-training workshop to prepare them for their roles as group facilitators at our Game Changers Youth Summit.  
My favorite part of the meeting was hearing all of the great feed-back and project ideas that these young people have already started working on and/or would like to implement in their communities. Ideas covered topic areas such as mentorship, art, academic competitions, sports, traditional Lakota culture and many more. Lakota Children’s Enrichment is a resource for mentorship and to help turn these ideas turn into reality. 
If you don’t see your district represented, then please apply to become a Youth Advisory Board Member today at or nominate someone from your community. 
Stay tuned for more updates & ways that you can get involved today!
Maggie Dunne
Founder & President, Lakota Children’s Enrichment, Inc.

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