If you cannot remember our full name (Lakota Pine Ridge Children’s Enrichment Project, Ltd.) then you are not alone. Truthfully, even we mix it up sometimes. As a result, we are officially shortening our name to Lakota Children’s Enrichment and over the next few months you will see us making the change. Lawyers are working on it!

You may have also noticed that we added a LOGO. The logo draws its inspiration from the Oglala Lakota flag and incorporates two significant symbols: the circle and the tipi. Together they represent family, unity and the warmth of the sun and the eight tipis stand for each of the Reservation’s eight communities on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Over the next few months you will be seeing more of this logo, as we transition to a new presentation format.

It is possible to create your own logo if you visit https://www.graphicsprings.com/start-your-logo and this is a choice that many business owners and entrepreneurs use. However, we decided to enlist the help of a professional this time. Our LOGO was the creation of Graphic Design Artist Derek Li (@derekdli), a graphic design graduate of Syracuse University. Derek’s long term goals are to work in the advertising world, or with corporate identity. His areas of interest are “branding, logos, packaging, and advertisements.” We love his work and hope that you do too!

Derek put a lot of time, research and thought into our new look and then, as amazing as this sounds, Derek donated his services to us. Derek has been added to the growing list of generous professionals who have contributed their services to help us continue doing what we do!

What do you think of our new logo? Comment here, or tweet your thoughts to @Lakota_Children and @derekdli

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