SPOTLIGHT ON: Sue Winsor’s Birthday Cheer!

WHAT SHE DID SUE WINSOR celebrated her 50th birthday in July and asked her family and friends NOT to bring her gifts, but rather, to purchase items for children of Pine Ridge or make a contribution toward our Fall Make A Difference Day supply drive for the children of Pine Ridge. Sue has been collecting items for children ever since! 


 “I have a great love for people, especially children. There is so much need for people in our own country that is so often overlooked.

I believe that there is a change going on our planet ~ one that is making people more aware that everything and everyone are all one.  I see it more and more and even though there is still some negativity in our world,  I believe that there is a conscious shift happening. One of love for each other.  Maybe I am wrong, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if I was right!

Sue kept on collecting after her birthday celebration, and so did her friends!  Hats gloves, mittens, toys, coats, books for children ranging from newborn to adult.  The collective small actions of Sue and her friends created a tremendous result!
Sue sent these and other items to  a Prenatal Clinic and to a K-8 School on the Reservation!
Belated Happy Birthday to YOU Sue! 
And by the way, we also believe that there are many wonderful people in the world who understand that we are all related. In fact, we have met many of them through this effort. It is one of the things that keeps us doing what we do.  Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota for “We Are All Related” or “All My Relations”).
Sue is Making A Difference and so can YOU!


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