Lakota Children’s Enrichment Highlighted as a Literacy Champ by Scholastic Books!

EXCITING NEWS: Scholastic’s new website launching its Global Literacy Campaign entitled Read Every Day, Live a Better Life, features Lakota Children’s Enrichment as a Literacy Champion. 

We are honored to be in such good company and we look forward to working together in the future helping the children of Pine Ridge have greater access to books and other programs that encourage them to read every day and often!  We thank our fans and followers for your enthusiastic participation in all of our book and supply drives and other projects!  We are a completely volunteer driven group and we count on YOU!

Access to Books = More Children Reading!

Many thanks to Scholastic Books for Featuring US as a Literacy Champion!

The Scholastic Website says:
“Imagine a preschool with only five books for children to share; a middle school without enough copies a classic book to distribute to the students in a class; children living in homes without any books or access to the Internet. Chances are, you are imagining children in another country—not a nation in South Dakota, which is where Lakota Sioux children live.

The Lakota Pine Ridge Children’s Enrichment Project, Ltd. (LPRCEP) works with families and schools on the Pine Ridge Reservation, one of the poorest regions in the United States, where drop-out rates are as high as 70%. The majority of the Reservation lives below the poverty line and children easily can – and do – lose interest in attending school.

LPRCEP fulfills book wish lists, (children’s book series are in particularly high demand) and has provided more than 5,000 books to schools, preschools and families. By making books available to children, books become companions and friends rather than work. And by improving literacy rates, encouraging children to stay in school, and making books accessible, LPRCEP is helping today’s children become tomorrow’s agents of change and tribal leaders. Go to to find out how you can help.”

You can find Scholastic’s Spotlight on Lakota Children’s Enrichment right HERE.
You can find  Scholastic’s BLOG post about Lakota Children’s Enrichment right HERE.

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