The $20,000 Summer Challenge: Ambitious? YES! Impossible? NO, not with YOUR help!

A message from Lakota Children’s Enrichment President Maggie Dunne: 

Glamour Magazine Editor-In-Chief Cindi Leive
presenting $20,000 check to Maggie Dunne
Photo Credit: Getty Images

In April 2012, I was awarded the Grand Prize in Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women Contest. What you probably did not know is that I contributed the Prize money in its entirety — $20,000 – to Lakota Children’s Enrichment. When I told Sir Richard Branson (who visited Colgate University this spring) about our work, he agreed to match my contribution through Virgin Unite if a Colgate University alumnus (where I am a student) would also provide matching funds. Ultimately, they both agreed to match my personal contribution, bringing the total raised to $60,000. 

In order to take our operations to a new level, we are challenging the online community, our friends and fans to participate in Lakota Children’s Enrichment’s Summer Challenge: to match my own $20,000 contribution (hyperlink is in text). 
It is not hard for most of you to imagine a community where all children have snow coats, snow boots, sneakers for gym class, books on the shelves at school, and an educational curriculum enriched with sports, music, arts and literacy programs.  This kind of community is the norm across most of America — but not on Pine Ridge.

I believe so much in our ability to make a difference in the lives of children of Pine Ridge that I contributed my entire $20,000 award to this cause – will YOU make a small contribution? Every $10 or $20 contribution adds up.

Please visit our Razoo Fundraising page (link above) to see some of the exciting new projects that are under discussion. The more you give, the more we can do! 


Maggie Dunne
President and Founder, Lakota Children’s Enrichment

PS) If you have the means and the inclination, please contact us at to set up a matching grant challenge of $5000 or above. Matching grant incentives can make a huge difference in fundraising efforts!

Maggie Dunne asking Richard Branson if he knows of a celebrity philanthropist who might be willing to match her own donation of her Glamour Prize money to Lakota Children… and Richard Branson’s reaction!

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