Fill A Backpack for a Lakota Child!

Please consider filling a Backpack for a Lakota child on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  If you are registered on Facebook, then you can access information relating to this drive on our Facebook Page, under our Events tab.  If you are not on Facebook, then you can contact us at and we will send you all the information that you need to help.

We were recently contacted by the Principal of a school, who told us that his students are suffering from low self-esteem due to the continuous snow and the unprecedented rise in teen suicides on the Reservation.  He said that children are questioning the value of an education and of continuing their lives.  Most weeks the school’s attendance rate is only 25%.   We have provided aid to his school in the past and he asked us to do something to lift the spirits of his students.  So, we launched our first annual Fill A Backpack drive.

We have teams shipping filled backpacks on March 6, 2010 from various cities throughout the country and from some foreign countries as well!  Backpacks will be stocked with crayons, markers, paper, calculators, new sneakers, non-battery operated gifts, popular children’s books and other items.

We will be on the Reservation from March 13 through March 18, 2010 with a team of Colgate University students and faculty on a service trip.  We will distribute the backpacks directly to Lakota children. 

Make the day of a Lakota child.  Let them know that someone outside of their community cares about them.  Please help us to help Lakota children maintain hope for a better future. Enlist the help of your friends and families to make this our most successful drive ever!

Attached is a link to an article about efforts that are being made to assist Lakota children who are suffering as the result of a year that brought an unprecedented number of the tribal suicides.  In December of 2009, President Two Bulls declared a tribal Suicide State of Emergency.

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